• Bullnoses

    Bullnoses are a term used in construction for a rounded convex trim. They are particularly popular in masonry and tiling but also in architectural fabrication. They help to create a smooth rounded edge that surrounds the exterior of our fabrications to add significant aesthetic impact.

    Bullnoses can create strong aesthetic impact for a building - adding shape, depth and height to the visual aspect. Bullnoses are used to provide an even, rounded edge for building corners and Rimac have set the current market leading standards. Smooth rounded edges have become more desirable in modern architecture and Rimac will provide a product range to support this.

    Bullnoses manufactured by Rimac Fabrications are available in varous colours

    Bullnoses are uniquely premeditated, specified and fabricated fascias manufactured for individual projects

    Our bullnoses are totally customisable solutions made to the highest building safety standards. This is due to our skilled work force coupled with over 25 years experience in the architectural fabrications market. For bespoke fabrications or for any other enquires please contact us directly.